Thursday, May 16, 2013

More Chibi Greek Gods and Goddesses Coming Soon . . .

Hello to all of you out there in Internet-land!
As some of you might of guess that I haven't been putting up that many pictures as of late. This is due to my current focus on job searching. Although I would love to put up some sketches that I've done, I've been focusing my time to the pursuit of a job within my community. I know that the job market is still in a slump due to the ongoing recession, but I'm hopeful to get my foot in the door and help to provide for myself. Currently, I've been trying to put myself out there into social networking and reach out to others through blogger and other websites. I'll hopefully make a Twitter account and link it to my blogger page here. I've been meaning to post a Facebook page on my artwork, as well as input my artwork on deviantART to get some recognition. (Am I the only one surprised that I have more followers on deviantART than on my own blog?)
However, those of you who are looking forward to more Chibi Hermes and more Greek Gods and Goddesses, I've been making mental notes on how other deities like Zeus and Hades will look like. I just have to put that imagination to paper and then to Adobe Illustrator.

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