Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Emotional Labour - In My Words

Behold! Another post in what seems like forever since visiting blogger! Still, I have no loyal followers at the moment so I'm not disappointing that many people; mostly myself for being neglectful of my blog. However, I think it's mostly due to the fact that I haven't that much to "blog" about to . . . anyone. Scary, isn't it?
But I digress . . . What is emotional labour? ((Just so you know, I'm Canadian and I spell labour with an 'u', so don't judge)) We all think labour is the same in our minds: simply put, it's work. Not all of us like to do work because, well . . . you either like it or don't, depending on what kind of work it is. Many of us don't like the same kind of work because of different interests, but what is the kind of work that links to all of us, despite different situations of labour found throughout the world? That would be emotional labour: the labour of love put into one's own work. Something that you put all of your effort into something that you love to make something out of it. It's what drives individuals to achieve what they wish from themselves, to be that which they want to be, to be genuine to themselves and their dreams. Emotional labour is what make artists to produce art, what makes writers write, what makes inventors invent.
I felt as though I've been lacking in that department of emotional labour for a long time . . . longer than I hope it would last, that I felt dead without. That I haven't the time to be me and pour my soul into things that I enjoy to do and want to do for a living.
I draw, I write, I create . . . but for a while it was never for me or for the sake of creating art, just for impressing others. For a while I felt as though I haven't been good enough to produce something that people not only like, but enjoy to look at no matter how many times they want. It's something that has been hindering me for a while. For some years, because of schooling, I had to hold off some of my written works because of other deadlines or for other reasons. There are things that I still want to learn, but there are other things that people force me to learn instead of letting me learn on my own. I want to break away from it all, but I get punished for lack of commitment.
Still, I want to put that emotional labour into work and play. I want to find out how to incorporate it so that I can feel that satisfaction of my creations, whether it be for work or for my sake. I want to be able to write again with the vigour that I had for my stories. ((I might not post written works up here in fear of someone trying to plagiarize my work. However, I'll be posting pictures and movies on here in the future)) I want to be able to enjoy drawing and creating again by pouring my essence into my work. I want to reach out to others and be able to share my ideas and make connections.
I want to be remembered . . . not as another name engraved into a tombstone, but as someone who "did something".
I tend to be active around such websites like deviantArt and YouTube. I like things that interest me, but my interests tend to grow from my curiosity of things that I don't know about or catch my interest. Surprisingly enough, I tend to go to Wikipedia on an almost daily basis for news and for some research materials onto such subjects of interest. If I like something, I tend to return to it in hopes of someone replying to me. I browse on certain severs collecting artwork for reference material or for inspiration. My deviantArt favourites is pretty massive at this point for a referral. Link to deviantArt Favourites I also follow this blog of one of my favourite teachers who is a constant spring of knowledge and advice on art and is who I inspire to model myself after. Link to blog Despite this, I also enjoy a good laugh now and then, which YouTube constantly provides. Through a friend, I came across the Swedish Youtube sensation PewDiePie, who records himself playing various of scary games. His reactions are very hilarious, but a warning to people who don't like scary games or videos to be aware. I don't want anyone reading this to be responsible for getting nightmares from watching his stuff. He does tend to play funny stuff if he gets tired of playing too many horror games. Link to PewDiePie's Youtube page Don't worry though, he speaks English throughout all of his videos. Rarely do you hear him speak Swedish, but it sometimes slips out.
There's a written podcast about emotional labour on the following website if anyone wants to know more about it. Link to webpage

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